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The crypt where the Family was buried
Sts. Peter & Paul's Cathederal
A tombroom similar to where the Family was buried

The Burial Ceremonies have ended- even though the cost was small, the funeral was lovely. Sadly, Patriarch Alexei II was not in attendance. The remains of the family and servants were placed in nine small oak caskets-only 48 inches long by 20 inches wide- and a requiem was sung at a local church. On Thursday, the remains were flown from Yekaterinburg to St. Petersburg. There, a small funeral cortage, without honor gaurds, took them to the Cathederal of St. Peter and St. Paul. There, they remained overnight in a pyramid- the four servants on the bottom, the three found children in the middle, and Nicholas and Alexandra on the top. On Friday, wreaths were laid, a chior sang, a cannon was sounded, and prayers were made for the souls of the entire family.
Photographs of the Ceremony