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This is the Grand Duchess Elizabeth, in her words, and in the words of those who knew her and admire her.

Her Own Words...

From Ella to Nicky, 19th June, 1889
..."Do you know that I was told that if one prayed well in a chruch going to be consecrated, God would hear one's prayers - well, in Jerusalem and in Paul's house I prayed so deeply for you both to bring you together in love for each other... Faith and love go very far and if you have in Him and each other all will be for the best.

Ella to Nicky, 20th October, 1893
..."Ask the Father Ioann of Kronstadt to come and see Pelly II
(Nicholas) bless her and pray with her she wants God's help more than ever usually in life please please do tell her so now dear courage to speak to her and say all and may she come and we meet her soon. Kind messages from all to you, and a hearty kiss from you old friend and Aunt Ella.

Ella to Queen Victoria, 3rd November, 1896
..."What I cannot understand is jealousy between Sisters or not liking the younger ones to be of a higher rank. I know that people watched at the Coronation to see would I kiss her hand, why it was a real joy a person one loves and she is being so much younger than I has always been more like a child than a Sister. We used to laugh about our ranks at Darmstadt abd how each of us has married, according to our ages always higher so that the eldest goes the last, May God grant we ten husbands and wives may always love eachother as we do and I am sure it is Papa and Mama's blessings and prayers which surround us and have made our family lives so happy..."

Those Who Knew Her...

Those Who Admire Her...

After the death of Sergei, "The Grand Duchess dropped to her knees, on the street, put her arms out to embrace the torn remains of her husband. From that time on, the Grand Duchess refused the food she was accustomed to, and milk, vegetable, and bread became her daily nourishment, even before she took the vows."~From "The Life of the Holy Martyr Grand Duchess Elizabeth," compiled by Father Demetrios Serfes

Most of these quotes are from Hugo Mager's book, Elizabeth, Grand Duchess of Russia, and A Lifelong Passion: Nicholas & Alexandra, Their Own Story, compiled by Andrei Maylunas & Sergei Mironenko.

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