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A Calendar of Events in the Life of the Imperial Family

For more Prayers to the Imperial Family, please go to Tropar & Kontakion For Royal Martyrs & New Martyrs Of Russia.

Prayers for the Royal Martyrs ~ by Fr. Demetrios Serfes

For the Royal Martyrs of Russia ..... Let Us Pray To The Lord! Lord, Have Mercy!

O' CHRIST our true loving God, who came into the world to save us, and lead us back into Thy Kingdom, forgive us, who have sinned before Thee, and Thy people. Look upon us with love, and with mercy! Help us to love one another as Thou has taught us and grant us strength to bare our Cross. Do not cast us away from Thy face, nor be angry with us because of our many sins, but redeem us from pride. In that Thou has anointed us with Thy holy Oil, and the water of holy Baptism,and grants us Thy holy Communion, be ever so merciful unto us who love Thee. Amen!

Let us all remember to humbly pray to the HOLY ROYAL MARTYRS, AND THE NEW MARTYRS OF RUSSIA as we all struggle for our salvation.