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Dear Laura,
Pray your doing well and may God Bless you today and always! My heart truly rejoiced and soul was uplifted to see your well done pages on the Holy Royal Martyrs of Russia -it's outstanding, it's humbly expressed, it's peaceful, and it's done with much love and dedication which honors the Royal Martyrs and those who love them...

I am most pleased indeed and you can be most assured I shall refer your pages to others and share this spiritual beauty of the Royal Martyrs with others who shall indeed be most happy as I am on this morning...before I go to Church.

You did an excellent job and you are the first to up date much needed materials and the photos where moving to me especially to see the actual tomb of the Tsar Martyr and Tsarina Martyr -I was so pleased to see these photos believe me as I have not seen these yet. I will continue to review your most honorable and respected web site as the day proceeds and send you suggestions as you requested later in the afternoon when I return from Church services. However in the meantime you wanted my reactions to the "Royal Funeral of Imperial Romanov Family And Friends".

Once the actual Royal Funeral began on July 15th in Ykaterinburg every waken hour to me was overwhelming to me, and I kept thanking God that I am living in this age when this happened to our precious and loving friends the Royal Martyrs of Russia. My earnest love for the Royal Martyrs grow much stronger as all I could think to myself was 'thank you precious friends for your love'. To suddenly see the first photo of the honor guards standing in front of the bones and prepared small Royal caskets made out simple wood (which was humbly done and which truly reflected the humbleness of this beloved family) I wept!!! I could not move and I could not proceed to quickly share this newly released photo, as I suddenly began to gain control I still kept weeping as I emailed several honorable friends this newly released photo who who be just as moved as I was at the time. Then later onwards I saw a photo of the Royal Martyrs in the Russian Orthodox Church in Ykaterinburg all of a sudden my heart rejoiced that these precious bones where no longer on a table, no longer in a lab, no longer in a morgue, no longer being flown all over the world asking others for advice on the DNA test, no longer but now in a Church! I had to sit back and I actually had to stand up and make the sign of the Cross and thank God so much that at last our precious and loving friends have found peace. Peace for not only this family but also for us all too.

I couldn't rest actually once I knew the Royal Funeral began on July 15th and I became quite drained, but as the next day proceeded and I knew the bodies where now in St. Petersburg (I saw another procession photo on the internet and in several newspapers) I was completely at ease with more peace then I had ever imagined! Then I hear that the President would attend, I was most pleased because I had often heard that the President's wife was a pious Russian Orthodox Christian and I suppose that they had a lot to influence her husband to change his mind, and I supposed she wanted to attend also the Royal Funeral.

As the days proceeded and I knew the hour the funeral began I went to Church with several other faithful members to pray and returned to continue onward to observe as quickly as I could to still remain fully aware of actually what was happening. It continued to be a spiritual joy for me knowing our precious and loving friends where given a honorable funeral and that at last they would have their own peace.

However at the same time it was a time of 'shock' for me to see and to learn that many people living in Russia where still most dishonorable and disrespectful to what was happening around them...and did not fully spiritually gast the holiness of this great event in time. Reports kept coming out from the Duma which too where not respecteful and this continued to tell me that a certain percentage of the Duma still has communist believers such comment was: the Tsar deserved to be shot!

Then I finally with great spiritual joy saw the ABC news which actually showed the interior of the Church funeral...I had to stand up in which I folded my hands in prayer....too as if I felt I was at the funeral now. Oh I wanted to go so badly, but I just had three funerals myself for three parish members who reposed in the Lord so it seemed our God wanted me to stay with my parish members as I finally understood why I did not really go to this Royal Funeral after all!

Then yesterday I read an account of the New York times (July 18th) that again it was confirmed to my great sadness that no names where mention at this Royal Funeral???? I did another memorial service again at the church and said the names out as loud as I could with tears, as I know that our Lord God heard this service and names.

I was very wounded and hurt that the Patriarch of Russia did not go and continued to persecute the Royal Martyrs by agreeing with other communist leaders and believers that 'these are not the bones'! I had felt that the Patriarch should hide his face and should be shameful, even although at the same time I was trying to be respectful to him, and maybe he should of stayed hidden making Easter eggs, or he actually should of left the country. What is the Patriarch doing and did he do a service at all and I cannot know yet, as I have not seen any reports about this at all and although I still might see these reports later onwards. What did the rest of the Synod of Bishops do at this time hide and sleep??? Now I am hearing that they want to rebury Lenin and suddenly said to myself the Patriarch will attend!!! I wondered as the New York Times reported this Christian burial??? Lenin did not believe in God and he had ordered millions of millions of killings of the faithful Russian Orthodox Christians and non-Orthodox Christians. Bishops where martyred, priest where martyred, monks where martyred, nuns where martyred, men, women and children martyred...concentration camps grew as we seemed to have move concentrations camps now then church's which too where blown up and which too where destroyed! Mark my words we shall see the Patriarch at this funeral of Lenin if and when this ever takes place.

Finally I kept telling myself at last the faithful and the loving friends of these Royal Martyrs and friends can now go to the tomb and pray...and that I believe with great spiritualy joy that more miracles will now begin to happen as finally the family has found a resting place, God and His great love will reveal this for sure.

This also told me afterwards that I need to consider that publishing is now very important and have now considered to publish some of my web sites -as this was earlier suggested by many friends. I also need to continue to give more accounts of facts and further information about the Royal Martyrs, and continued research (as I have done for these last almost four decades). Now I want to knwo where is the precious and God-loving Tsarevich Alexis and other missing child of the Tsar and Tsarina? I will pursue this too. We have missing Royal Children and what is going on? I think you too should pursue in asking the same questions where are the 'Missing Royal Children of the Royal Martyrs Tsar Nicholas and Family". I of course believe they are of course still on the grounds of the forest of Ykaterinburg and no where else. More historical information must be searched and more truthful information must be revealed. I will continue onwards in my prayers and constant research for this search of the "Missing Child-Martyrs of Russia"! I will be most humbly pleased that we find them or fully understand what happen (that is an informative truthful account of these martyrdoms) to my -our friends? I am also so very pleased and spiritually joyful that new dedicated web sites are now being posted (I am assisting in several of these new dedicated Royal Martyrs web sites).

I also think it would be honorable to mention on your web site the gracious and loving Royal Martyr Grand Duchess Elizabeth and the New Martyr Barbara and those with them. I will have dedication to them very soon as I am waiting for my Internet Assistant to post this now as I did this dedicaiton on the day of their holy martyrdom July 18th. The Royal Funeral is over but is it? Not until the precious and loving children of these present Royal Martyrs are revealed to us, as I want the truth of where are the Missing Child-Martyrs and that the truth must be told to us as to really what happen to them? Once again I must repeat I do not believe no one escaped from that horrific night of martyrdom....and where slaughtered, all where brutally buried, all where with much shame put into the cold muddy grounds of the forest of Ykaterinburg! Now finally we have found some bodies and need to find or fully understand where are the others?

Truly the rest of the Royal family member's will truly then be at peace knowing the truth is revealed...however Laura in the Kingdom of our Loving-God all the family stands together now humbly praying for us all! What a spiritual joy and what a spiritual blessing, perhaps more then we can ever imagine on this earth! Peace at last in heaven, now we need to seek and to learn to have peace too.

Laura you can quote anything I write or have presented although you might want to make any necessary corrections.

Once again thank you -Thank Y o u for sending me this most honorable web site for our precious and dear friends the Holy Royal Martyrs and your most dedicated loving presentation! You brough more joy to my heart and more peace to my soul then I could perhaps e-mail you at this time. Holy Royal Martyrs Tsar Nicholas and f a m i l y, pray unto God for us! Holy Royal Martyr Grand Duchess Elizabeth, and New Martyr Nun Barbara, and all New Martyrs of Russia, pray unto God for us!

I apparently did make a few suggestions as I was writing this to you, and will further do so as the day and days proceed.

I must know prepare to go to Church and while I stand and pray as well as kneel in prayer, I shall humbly thank God for you, and ask him to continue to Bless you and watch over you always!

Thank you for making my day and once again Thank God for our beloved friends the Royal Martyrs of Russia.

God Love And Bless You!
With The Love Of Christ Our True God,
Who prays for you, and with you!
+ Father Demetrios Serfes