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This is a listing of links to accounts of miracles done by the Imperial Family.

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Myrrh Oozing from Tsar Icon Raises Hopes of Canonisation

MOSCOW, January 16 (Itar-Tass) - An icon with the visage of Tsar Nicholas II has been showing the miracle of myrrh flow for two months in Moscow's Ascension Church on Gorokhovoye Field, said the church's dean Archpriest Vasily Golovanov.

He said in an interview with Itar-Tass on Friday that the sign of thaumaturgy is bound to become an argument for canonisation of Nicholas II who was buried with his family and servants in Saint Peterburg in July.

The Russian Orthodox Church was ambivalent on the issue of authenticity of the remains recovered outside Yekaterinburg, where the Imperial family was banished and slain by Bolsheviks, and on canonisation.

The Church said through one of hierarchs that one of requirements for canonisation of relics is their showing a witnessed miracle.

Golovanov said the icon had been brought to his church by a parishioner woman who owned it. He said the icon was first seen to ooze myrrh on November 7.

He said the ample flow of myrrh, an oily amber-hued ointment with a subtle aroma occurs almost daily, and fragrance emanates from the icon every day and is more tangible on days of services for the regal martyrs.

Golovanov said the miracle had been witnessed by hundreds of Muscovites and pilgrims coming from breadths and lengths of Russia to kiss the icon.

Aleksy II Patriarch of Moascow and All Russia has given his blessing for keeping the icon in the small 17-century Ascension Church on Radio Street, 2. Golovanov said the miracle of myrrh flow from the icon of the so far uncanonised tsar indicates that the event after which millions of the faithful are hankering is close.

"The beginning of thaumaturge on the fateful day of the October coup (1917 Bolshevik Revolution) is a sign that the Russian people will be forgiven for apostasy," he said.

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